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Sept. 15th '82

to the Committee on Streets and Street Improvements.

Committees Reports

From Finance, on the petition of the Clerk for an increase in his
salary recommending that his salary be fixed in the sum of
$90.00 per month & that the fees of the Office be paid into the
Treasury. Adopted & referred to Judiciary and Legislative Com-
ittee with instructions to submit the proper Ordinance

From Licenses and Revenue; on the application of Beede and Co. for
a Retail Liquor license, recommending the same be granted.
Adopted and license ordered issued

From Licenses and Revenue on the application of Trana & Ackley
for a retail liquor license, recommending that application be
rejected. Adopted and license refused.

From Finance, on the petition of the King County Industrial
for remitting moneys paid for license, recommending
the petition be granted. Adopted.

The following claims having been duly audited are paid
by Warrants drawn on the funds and in the amounts following

City Fund

E.W. Rea Contract Work City Engine House No's 181, 182 & 183, $1200.00

King County Industrial Assn Moneys refunded 184 15.00

And now the Judiciary and legislative Committee submit Ordi-
nance No 308 entitled "A special ordinance appropriating money
to pay audited bills" Thereupon after due consideration said
ordinance is adopted upon the following vote towit: In favor
of adoption Collins, Cosper, McDonald & Manning Against
adoption Gasch.

Ordered that the matter of W. N. Bell with reference to sidewalk
in front of his property be referred to Street Committee

Ordered that the Legislative & Judiciary Committee be & they are
hereby instructed to submit at next meeting an ordinance providing for the
purchase of 25 x 60 feet off the West side of Lot 2 in Block 5 of Boren's
in accordance with the terms of an ordinance for the purchase
of the same property previously rejected.
ordered that the matter of considering and equalizing the assess-
ment Roll under Ordinance No 288 for 2nd, 3rd & other Streets

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