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Oct 13/82 Batons: To be made of locust of other equaly hard wood
to be twenty two inched long and one inch and a quarter (scant
in diameter.
Shield of Star: The same as now worn
Uniform of the Chief of Police
Coat: to be double breasted frock coat with rolling collar, but-
toning close up under the chin; the waist to extend to the top
of the hip and the skirt to within one inch of the bend of the knee,
the collar of the coat to be of blue black silk velvet, there are
to be two rows of yellow metal police buttons on the breast eight
buttons each row placed at equal distances. the distance
between each row to be 5&1/2 inches at the top and 3&1/2 inches
at the bottom; two buttons of same size on the hips, one button
at the bottom of each skirt pocket and two buttons intermed-
iate and three smaller buttons on the under seam of each cuff.
The body of the coat to be well wadded and lined on the
same manner as Policemen.
Vest and Pantaloons: to be the same as Policemen.
Hat: the same as policemen with the addition of a gold em-
broidered wreath on dark blue velvet with "Cheif of Police Seattle"
embroidered in Silver.
Shield or Star: to be of yellow metal the same as now worn.
Summer Uniform
The coat, pantaloons and vest of Chief and Private to be made of
navy blue (indigo dyed) flannel or cloth of good quality and in
the same style of other uniform except that the wadding may be
left out.
During severe weather, a rubber coat or other overcoat may
be worn over the other uniform herein before prescribed, but thestar
or shield shall at all times be fully displayed on the left side
of the outer garment.
Resolved. That the batons, shields, stars, buttons, wreath & Hat
cord shall be furnished by the City to be returned to the Committee
on Health and Police after death, resignation, or dismissal;
all other material and cost of making it to be paid by mem-
bers of the force respecting

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