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Nov 17/82 -ploy at his own expense an assistant ot serve during such absence
From the City Surveyor on the matter of the Madison Street
Sewer. Ordered that the matter of a sewerage systen be ref-
ferred to the Comtee on Health & Police with instructions to
report thereon at the next regular meeting
Committee Reports Received
From Gas Lights recommending the denial of the petition of
M S Booth et al for a lamp post corner of Jefferson & 5th
Adopted petition denied
And now the Council proceeds to open & consider all bids
rec'd for Gas Work & furnishing lamp posts which bids
are from the Washington Iron Works, John Spencer, Waddell
& Miles
, and J Schram & Co.
Thereupon said bids are referred to the Gas Light Committee
Ordinance Received
From the Judiciary & Legislative submittins an Ordinance entitled
"To provide for the purchase of a Hose Carriage and Hose" After
the consideration said ordinance is adopted upon the following
vote to wit: In favor of adoption Collins, Gasch, McDonald, Manning
Rasin, Against adoption, none.
From the Judiciary & Legislative submitting an Ordinance entitles
"To provide for a sidewalk on Seneca Street. After due consideration
said Ordinance is adopted upon the following vote to wit: In favor
of adoption; Collins, Gasch, McDonald, Manning & Rasin Against adoption none
Applications for Licenses Received
From Smith & Fanar for a Retail Liquor & 1 Billiard Table
Ordered that the Committee on Fire & Water supply be and they are
hereby authorized to fill any vacancy that may occur in the
Office of Steward of the Engine House until the next regular
meeting of the Council.
Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned until Monday
Nov 20, 1882 at 7&1/2 o'clock PM for the purpose of opening bids for
Jackson Street Improvements under the Ord No 325 & to receive the report of the Fire Comtee
Attest: E S Osborne clerk
Approved John Collins, acting mayor

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