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Dec 15/82 damaged by reason of the change of grade to the extent of $50.00.
Adopted and warrant ordered issued in favor of said Leary for $50.00
in full for all said damages.
Committee in Streets and Street Improvements granted one week's
further time to report on the petition of Roswell Scott.
Ordered that the Gas Committee submit at next meeting
patterns for a new style of lamp post.
Ordered that the Committee on Gas Lights be and they are
hereby instructed to erect a gas lamp at the southwest
corner of the New City Engine House.
Ordered that the petition of M.S.Booth et al for a gas lamp
corner 4th and Jefferson Streets be and is hereby denied.
From Licenses and Revenue granting the application of
Eskson & Locke for a Bowling Alley. Granted and license ordered
Applications for Licenses
From Frank Peters for retail liquors & Maria Goldberg for
grocery. Referred to the Comtee. on Licenses and Revenue.
Claims paid
The following claims having been duly audited by the Council are
ordered paid by warrants drawn on the funds and in the amounts
following, to wit:
City Fund
E. L. Smith Health Officer No. 250 $75.00
Thos Russell Moving safe 251 40.00
Road Fund
John Leary damages awarded No. 112 $50.00
Fire Fund
D.W. Brown coal & hauling No. 116 $2.75
The claim of A.S. Pinkham is laid over for report from Street
Ordinances Received
From Charles Coppin submitting an ordinance to amend
Ordinance No. 278. Referred to the Committee on Fire and Water
From City Attorney submitting on Ordinance entitled "An

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