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Mar 2/83
Fire Fund
W A Perry Steward Engine House No 136 $ 75.00
Young & McKeon Tee&other pipe fittings etc. 137 $ 9.75
R H Calligan Hauling Coal 138 $ 3.50
Thos Lyle Buckets etc. 139 $ 4.85
F W Wusthoff Emery Cloth etc. 140 $ 3.00
D H Morton Hauling fixtures of Engine 141 $ .50
Anthony Holmes Braces etc. 142 $ 6.75
H W Wadleigh Water 143 $ 6.00
Chas McDonald To purchase coal 145 $ 15.00
Cherry Street Sidewalk Ord No 354
F H Whitworth Engineering No 177 $ 25.00
2d,3d & Intersecting Sts Grade ord 288
F H Whitworth Engineering No 178 $ 214.00
Chin Guan & Charlie Contract work Nos 179 to 187 $4212.26
The Claim of James Dunham for attending Engine sights for $24. is rejected
Licenses Granted
Geo C Thompson Retail
S S Bailey Retail
S S Bailey 1 Billiard Table
J M King 1 Pigeon Hole Table
Joe Keppler Grocery
Joe Keppler 1 Pigeon Hole Table
E K Cowles & Co Retail
E K Cowles & Co 2 Billiard Tables
Aug Mattsen Retail
S Baxter & Co Wholesale
G Sohuke Retail
D A Jennings Wholesale
Alexander Woodmansee Retail
Schwabacher Bros & Co Wholesale
Ordinances Received
The City Attorney submits an Ordinance entitiled "To porvide
for the grading of, and constructing sidewalks in portions of
James, Cherry, Columbia, and Spring Streets in the City
of Seattle" After due consideration said ordinance is
adopted upon the following vote to wit: In favor of

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