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June 1/83 No. 375 be awarded to G.N. Alexander & Co on their said bid.
Adopted upon said G.N. Alexander & Co executing a bond in
the sum of $1000.
From Streets and Street Improvements recommending the granting
of the petition of Mary A. Calhoun for the constuction of a
sidewalk on Pike Street. Adopted.
From Streets recommending the grading of Pike Street from
Front to the alley betwwen Front and Second Streets and for
sidewalks on both sides of Pike Street from Front to 3rd Street.
Adopted upon the following votes, to wit: In favor of said Improve-
ments Cosper, Clancy, Gasch, McDonald, Manning & Rasin,
Against the same none.
City Attorney instructed to submit an Ordinance therefor.
From Streets and Street Improvements recommending the opening of
of Cedar Street. Adopted and Street Commissioner instructed
to open the same.
From Licenses & Revenues rejecting the petition of John
for leave to use license. Adopted and petition denied.
From Streets approving Street Commissioner's report. Adopted.
From Fire Committee asking 1 weeks further time on the petition
of the Hook & Ladder Co. Granted.
From Committee on Columbia Street Engine House reporting
that the Bid of Ranke & Lohse is the lowest bid that is ac-
companied by a proper bond. Adopted.
Applications for Licenses
Ordered that licenses be issued to the following named per-
sons for the purposes and periods following, to wit:
Leidman & McLeod Retail for 3 months from June 2 1883
John Branner Grocery 3 May 26
Vitus Schmid Grocery 6 June 1
Vitus Schmid Pool Table 6 June 1
Vitus Schmid 1 Pigeon Hole Table 6 June 1
Chas Anderson Retail 3 June 1
Chas Ross 1 Pigeon Hole Table 3 May 29

Claims Paid
The following claims having been duly audited by the Council

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