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June 1/83
following vote to wit: In favor of adoption Cosper, Clancy, Gasch, McDonald,
Manning & Rasin. Against Adoption none.
Special Orders if the Day
And now in pursuance to the Notice duy published the council
proceeds to the correction and equalization of the assessment Roll
for the Improvement of Pike Street under Ordinance No 375 &
filed May 14, 1883. Pending which such roll is referred to
a special committee to wit: Clancy, Gasch, & Manning with instruc-
tions to report therein Monday June 4 1883 at 8 o'clock pm
Ordered that South 3rd Street be graded from Mill Street to
Main Street & that the attorney submit an Ordinance therefor
Adopted upon the following vote to wit: In favor of said order
Cosper, Clancy, Gasch, McDonald, Manning & Rasin. Against the
same none.
And now W B Thompson tended his resignation of the
Office of Policeman thereupon the same is accepted.
And now the Council proceeds to fill such vacancy by an election whereupon
Charles Lind receiving a majority of all the votes of the Council
present is duly declared elected to fill such vacancy for the
term provided by law
Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned until Monday
June 4, 1883 at 8 o'clock pm
Attest E S Osborne clerk
Approved H G Struve mayor
June 4/83
Be it remembered that on this the 4th day of June 1883 the
Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chambrt
pursuant to adjournment.
The following officers are present to wit: His Honor the Mayor
H G Struve and Councilmen O F Cosper, Charles F Clancy, Fred
, Chas McDonald, & U M Rasin.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:

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