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Aug 3/83
James Campbell Street Labor $62.50
Thos Rock Street Labor 62.50
Stephen Berry Street Labor 62.50
D L McCowan Board of Prisoners 62.
Stetson & Post Lumber 31.89
G P McFaden Hauling Lumber & Rubbish 5.
C F Williams Hauling Lumber & Rubbish 3.50
J L Kahaley Hauling Lumber & Rubbish 2.75
Chas McDonald Sharpening Tools 1.75
F W Clancy Hauling Lumber 1.00
Gas Fund
Seattle Gas Light Co. gas $224.50
J H Kahaley Attending Lamps 43.
Fire Fund
W H Surber Extending Inclines $250.87
Seattle Lumber & Commcial Co Lumber 214.50
W A Perry Engineer No 1 75.
F W Wusthoff Sundries for Fire Dept 32.55
Chas McDonald Hanging DoorsonEngine House etc. 20.
Fred Cosper Engineer No 2 15.
S F Milham Hauling Engines to Fire 10.
L Miller Hauling Engines to Fire 10.
Jackson Street Improvement Ord 398
G N Alexander Contract Labor $1366.95
Madison Street Improvement Ord 406
Harkins and Strong Contract Labor $1724.41
Main Street Improvement Ord 385
S G Simpson Contract Work $2360.92
Columbia Street Improvement Ord 386
Cummings and Strong Contract Labor $1295.43
James Street Improvement Ord 387
Cummings and Strong Contract Work $460.31
Washington Street Improvement Ord 369
S G Simpson Sidewalk $54.40
Seneca Street Improvement Ord 401
G N Alexander Contract Work $931.33

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