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Aug 17/83
to the legialsture of the Territory for adoption. Thereupon the Mayor
appoints councilmen Rasin, McDonald & Day as such Committee
Ordered that the Council stand now adjournd until Monday
August 20,1883 at 8 o'clock pm
Attest: E S Osborne clerk
Approved H G Struve mayor
Be it remembered that on this the 20th day of August 1883, the
Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber
pursuant to adjournment
The following officers are present to wit: His Honor the Mayor
H G Struve and Councilmen Thomas Clancy, B F Day, Geo W
, Charles McDonald, Otto Ranke, U M Rasin and F W
Thereupon the followingproceedings are had:
Petitions Rec'd
From Cummings & Strong asking to be released from their contrat
for the Improvement of James Street under Ordinance No 387. Referred
to Street Comtee.
From L Reinig et al for changing the grade on Madison Street between
5th and 6th Streets. Referred to Street Comtee.
From Seattle Hook & Ladder Co No 1 for an appropriation of $300.00
to apply towards payment of debts & against their apparatus. Referred
to the Fire Comtee.
From S S Bailey et al for theappointment of Frank & Dean as
Might Policemen. Referred to Comtee on Police
From John Spencer for the consideration of his bid for gas work.
Referred to Gas Comtee.
From Charles S Roe for the right to erect poles & stretch wires for
electric light & submitting an Ordinance therefor. Referred to Gas Comtee.
Communications Rec'd
From His Honor the Mayor reommedning the compilation of the
Ordinances of the City of Seattle. Adopted & Attorney instructed to

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