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Aug 24/83
Ordered that a Comtee of three be appointed by His Honor the
Mayor to act in conjunction with the citizens Executive Committee
on the matter of Illumination & Decoration. Thereupon the Mayor
appoints Councilmen McDonald, Clancy & Day as such Comtee
Ordered that the Council adjourn until Monday August
27, 1883 at 8 o'clock pm for the Special purpose of receiving &
acting upon the report of said Villard reception Comtee.
Aug 72/83
Be itremembered that on this the 27th day of August 1883, the
Common Council of the city of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber
pursuant to adjournment.
The following Officers are present to wit:
Council B F Day, Thomas Clancy, Geo W Harris,
Charles McDonald, U M Rasin and F W Wusthoff
By reason of the absence from the City of His Honor the Mayor H G
Councilman U M Rasin is elected to the position of Acting
Mayor to serve during such absence.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
And now the Comtee on the matter of the Villard reception are
the folowing report to wit:
"To the Common Council of the City of Seattle:
We your Committee appointed to confer with the Citizens Council
in the matter of arranging a reception for Henry Villard & party on
completion of the Northern Pacific Railroad respectfully report as following:
We recommend: 1st The authorizing of the Street Commissioner to clear,
ornament and illuminate the Streets of the City as a cost not to exceed $2000.00.
2nd The appointment of a Committee of three from this Council to advise
and assist the Street Commissioner in such work, and that the City Attorney
draw the necessary Ordinance
Dated Aug 27th/83
Chas McDonald
B F Day
Thomas Clancy

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