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Sept 7/83

Be it remembered that on this the 7th day of September 1883 the Common
Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pursuant
to law.

The following Officers are present, towit: His Honor the Acting Mayor
Councilman U. M. Rasin and Councilmen Thomas Clancy, B. F. Day,
Geo. W. Harris, Charles McDonald, Otto Ranke and F. W. Wusthoff

Petitions Rec'd
From A. S. Miller et al for changing proposed elevation of Sidewalks on
4th Street near Marion. Referred to Street Committee

From ]]Murphy and Stewart]] asking for the postponement of the detention
of the forfeiture for & on a/c of 9th Street Improvement bid of $250.00
until the final payment. Referred to the Street Committee

From G. N. Alexander for an extension of time for the completion
of the piling on South 3rd Street until October 10, 1883. Referred to
Street Committee

From M. H. Wilcox et al for a crossing in Front Street. Referred
to Street Committee

From Geo F. Frye for the right to move building through the street
to use a portion of Front & Marion Street for building purposes, for the dumping
of earth foot of Marion Street & for the right to construct a Sewer
across Front Street Referred to Street Committee

Reports Rec'd
From the following City Offices & referred as follows towit:
City Justice to Judiciary Comtee; Clerk to Finance Comtee;
Treasurer on General Funds to Finance Comtee; Street Commissioner
to Street Comtee; Harbor Master to Harbor & Wharves; Chief of
Police in relation to Officer Manning to Health & Police Comtee; Fire
Warden to Fire Comtee

From the Surveyor submitting the Plans and Specifications for the
construction of Sidewalks in Spring Street under Ordinance
No. 440. Referred to the Street Committee

Committees Reports Rec'd
From the Street Committee recommending the granting of the petition
of Deitrich Rohl et al for the opening of Clay Street from Water Street
to City limits. Adopted & Street Commissioner is hereby instructed
to okay the law.

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