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Sept 7/83

And now in pursuance to notice duly given the Council proceeds
to examine & equalize the Assessment Rolls for the Improvement
of 4th Street under Ordinance No. 395 and for the Improvement of Pine
under Ordinance No. 421. Pending which said rolls are
referred to the Street Comtee Assesor & Attorney

And now the Council proceeds to the election of 2 additional
Policemen. Whereupon John Kelly and F. A. Minick each receiving
a majority of the Votes of the members of the Council are duly
declared elected Policemen for the term provided by law.

Ordered that a Committee of three be appointed by the Acting
Mayor to investigate the petition of C.K. Jenner et al for the
grading of Washington Street, 9th to 12th. Thereupon the Acting Mayor
appointed Day, Wusthoff & Clancy such Committee

Ordered that the Attorney be & is hereby instructed to examine
the matter of the forfeiture of the contract for the Improvement of
James Street by Cummings & Strong & to report thereon

Ordered that A. J. Smith be & is hereby authorized to solicit orders
for books until the Ordinance in relation thereto is amended. In
favor of said Order Clancy, Day, Harris, McDonald, Ranke & Wusthoff
Against the same Rasin

Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned until Tuesday
September 11. 1883 at 7 1/2 o'clock P.M.

Attest: E. S. Osborne, Clerk
Approved: U. M. Rasin, Acting Mayor

Sept 11/83
Be it remembered that on this the 11th day of September 1883 the Com-
mon Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pur-
suant to adjournment.

The following Officers are present, towit: His Honor the Acting Mayor
Councilman U. M. Rasin and Councilmen Thomas Clancy, B. F. Day,
Geo. W. Harris, Charles McDonald, Otto Ranke, and F. W. Wusthoff.

Thereupon the following proceedings are had:

Petitions Rec'd
From [-------] et al for the completion of the grading of

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