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Oct 8/83
Be it remembered that on this the 8th day of October 1883 the
Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber
pursuant to adjournment.
The following Officers are present, towit: His Honor the Mayor
H.G. Struve and Councilmen B. F. Day, Charles McDonald, Otto
and F.W. Wusthoff.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
Petitions Rec'd
From Strong & Harkins for an allowance of 15 percent of all reserve
funds claimed on Madison Street Improvement. Referred to
Street Committee.
From O. Jensen for the rights to occupy with a house a portion
of Weller Street. Referred to Street Committee.
From S. G. Simpson declining to build the Sidewalk on Washing-
ton Street under Ordinance No. 369. Referred to Street Committee.
From Chas S. Roe for the right to erect poles and (shield?) wires
for Electric Light purposes. Referred to Street Committee.
Communications Rec'd
From the City Attorney on the matter of the legality of the con-
demnation of property for Jackson Street Extension concluding
that all proceedings heretofore had in the matter of such extension
are void. Adopted and Attorney instructed to submit a proper ordinance.
Committees Reports Rec'd
From Street Committee rejecting the petition of G.A. Tyler to occupy
the foot of Seneca Street. Adopted.
From Street Committee recommending the granting of the petition of
Seattle Lumber & Commercial Co et al for planking foot of Marion
Street. Adopted and Street Commissioner instructed to perform the work.
From Committee on Harbor and Wharves approving Harbor Masters
Report. Adopted.
From Street Committee approving J. C. Lipsky's report on Powder
House. Adopted.
Applications for Licenses Received
Ordered that Licenses be ordered issued as follows, towit:
T. M. [T?] for Retail liquors for 3 months from Oct 7, 83

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