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Oct 12/83
with instructions to consult with Engineer of said 6 petitioners
& report such proper elevations as may be agreed upon.
Communications Rec'd
From Robert H Street with reference to license of Book Agents
Referred to the Committee on Licenses
From Surveyor recommending certain changes in grade
elevation on Madison Street. Referred to Street Committee
Reports Rec'd
From Treasurer on general funds for month ending September
30, 1883. Referred to Finance Committee
Committees Reports Rec'd
From Health & Police Comtee reporting that nuisence complaint of by
Henry Westphal et al had been abated.
From Street Committee Rejecting the petition of L B Andrews
with reference to Madison Street assessment Roll. Report adopted
From Street committee rejecting the petition of Martin Strong for
15 percent of reserve funds on Madison Street, Report adopted
From Street Committee rejecting the petition of O Jensen for the
right to obstruct Weller Street with a house. Report adopted & petition
Ordered that the Attorney be & he is hereby instructed to proceed
forthwith to cause the removal of said obstructions.
From Street Commitee recommending the granting of the
petition of Charles S Roe for the erection of ploes & stretching
wires for electric light & recommending that the Attorney be insturc-
ted to submit a general Ordinance regulating the subject. Adopted.
Claims Paid
Fire Fund
Donald Mackay Architect Coulmbia Street Engine House $69.
F W Wusthoff Valves etc. for Engine No1 66.12
Applications for Licenses
Ordered that licenses be issued as follows, to wit:
Frank Lessman for Retail Liquors for 3 months from Oct 13/83
Miter & McCormick for Retail Liquors for 3 months from Oct 15/83
Consideration of Ordinances
And now the Council proceeds to consider and Ordinance entitled
'Ordinance to ament section five (5) of Ordinance No[?]

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