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Nov 22/83
Ordered that the Special Comtee on Columbia Street Engine House be & they
are hereby authorized to construct an Incline from said Engine House to the
Ordered that the opinion of the Attorney as to the power of Treasurer to
borrow money from City fund to redeem Warrants on Special Funds be
& the same is referred to Finance Comtee.
A report is received from the Attorney showing assessment collected
case of City-v-Ford Adopted.
Ordered that the Special Committee on Columbia Street Engine House
be & they are hereby authorized to furnish the meeting room of said Engine
Ordered that the Attorney be & he is hereby instructed to submit an Ordinance
regulating the speed of teams over the Jackson St Bridge.
Ordered that the Surveyor be & he is hereby instructed to service the grade
elevation on Commercial, Front and Mill Streets so as to conform to the
elevation of the Yesler-Leary Sidewalk.
And now the Mayor announces that he will be absent from the
City for a few days.
Ordered that Councilman Charles McDonald be & he is hereby appointed
to the position of Acting Mayor to serve during such absence.
Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned
Attest: E S Osborne clerk
Approved H G Struve mayor
Dec 7/83
Be it remembered that on this the 7th day of December 1883 the Common
Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pursuant
to law.
The following Officers are present to wit: His Honor the Mayor H G
Struve and Councilmen Thos Clancy, B F Day, Charles McDonald, Otto
and F W Wusthoff
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
Petition Rec'd
from H A Atkins protesting against certain work due on Columbia
Grade. Referred to Street Committee

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