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Jan 18/84

Be it remembered that on this the 18th day of January 1884 the
Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Cham-
ber pursuant to adjournment
The following officers are present, towit: Councilmen Thomas
, B. F. Day, John Keenen, Chas McDonald, B. L. Northrup,
Otto Ranke, U. M. Rasin and F. W. Wusthoff
By reason of the absence from the City of His Honor the Mayor, H. G.
, Councilman U. M. Rasin is appointed to the position of
Acting Mayor to serve during such absence.
Petitions Rec'd
From W. H. Brunk at al for establishing the grade on Lake Street. Referred
to Street Committee
From Chas Mascoline et al for the right to occupy foot of Columbia
for a Fish Stand. Referred to Street Committee
From Perry Clymer et al for opening Olive Street 10th to 16th. Referred to
Street Committee
From Geo. R. Smith et al for permission to occupy foot of Columbia Street
for a Fish Stand. Referred to Street Committee
From O. Jensen for permission to occupy 7th Street near King.
Referred to Street Committee
Communications Rec'd
From the Chief of Police for the appointment of an additional Police-
man & recommending J. J. Small for such appointment. Referred
to Comtee on Health & Police
Claims Paid
The following claims having been duly audited by the Council are ordered
paid by Warrants drawn on the funds & in the amounts following towit :
City Fund
James F. Cass Costs in City-v-Thorndike $25.45
L. S. Rowe Front St grade Warrant issued Nov 14/76 $33.14
Road Fund
Assessors appraisement Jackson St Extension $103.
Madison St Improvement #406
[C. M. ?] Engineering $111.64
[S?] Contract work Final payment $8736.33
Ordered that the Clerk be & is hereby instructed to retain $200.00 of

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