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Reports Rec'd
Jan 25/84
From Surveyor submitting Plans for a new sewer on Mill Street.
Referred to Street Committee.
From Surveyor submitting proposed grades & elevations on
Commercial & Mill Streets & on the matter of a Sewer on Mill
. Referred to Street Committee.
From the Attorney on the matter of the suit of G. W. Young-v-
Henry Sheahan Street Commissioner. Referred to Judiciary Comtee.
Committees Reports Rec'd
From Health & Police Comtee on Jail Ordered that the Health
& Police Comtee be & are hereby instructed to procure blankets & straw
ticks for use of Jail
From Street Comtee rejecting petition of Chas Mascoline et al
with reference to Fish Stall. Report adopted
From Gas Light Comtee recommending the erection gaslights
at the corners of following streets towit: Union & 2d; Union
& 4th; Seneca & 4th; on Pike at 2d, 4th, 6th & 8th; Jackson
& 5th Adopted
Ordered that a special Comtee be appointed to examine & report
the advisability of protecting the Inclines foots of Washington,
Columbia & Madison Streets. Thereupon the Mayor appoints
Wusthoff, Keenen & Ranke such Committee.
Ordered that Licenses be issued as follows, towit;
Bersch & Hink for Retail Liquors for 3 months from Feb 1, 1884
Dahlquist & Johnson for Retail Liquors for 3 months from Jan 13, 1884
Andrew Lunn & Co for Retail Liquors for 3 months from Jan 26, 1884
Celestin StUpery for Retail Liquors for 3 months from Jan 19, 1884
Wm Grose for Retail Liquors for 3 months from Feb. 1, 1884
Ordered that the Mayor be & is hereby requested to appoint a Comtee
on Sewers to examine the matter of the proposed sewer on Mill Street
& to consult with property owners regarding the same & to examine
& report upon the matter of a Sewerage system for the City.
Thereupon His Honor the Mayor appoints Keenen, Ranke
& Northrup as such Committee.
Ordered that a gas tank be erected at the corner of 2d and
[?] Street.

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