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Feb 8/84
By reason of the absence from the City of His Honor the Mayor
H. G. Struve & Councilman U. M. Rasin is appointed acting
Mayor to serve during such absence.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
Petitions Rec'd
From Phillips & Fredricks for permission to dump earth
foot of Marion Street. Granted
From D. C. Townsend et al for opening 11th & Howell Streets. Referred
to Street Committee.
From Gordan Hardware Co for changing sewer foot of Cherry
. Granted & Street Commissioner is hereby instructed
to change said Sewer.
From C. L. Olds et al for opening Lake Street. Granted & Street
Commissioner is hereby instructed to open the street.
From Aug F. Turner offering his services as Janitor for Court
House. Referred to Comtee on Public Buildings, Property & Grounds
Reports Rec'd
From Treasurer on Pine Street grade & Battery Street sidewalk
Referred to Finance Comtee.
From Health Officer suibmitting quarterly Report. Referred to
Comtee on Health & Police
From Surveyor submitting grade elevations on Battery Street.
Referred to Street Comtee.
Committees Reports Rec'd
From Judiciary Comtee on Attorneys Report. Adopted
From Judiciary Comtee recommending the paying out of City
Fund of the Warrant held by D. Horton & Co on 2d, 3d & Intersecting
Sts. grade. Adopted & Treasurer is hereby instructed to pay
said Warrant out of funds to the credit of City Fund.
From Committee on Inclines recommending the extension of
Inclines. Adopted.
From the Committee on Public Buildings, Property & Grounds rejec-
ting the petition of F. Turner for appointment of Janitor for the Court
From Comtee on sewers recommending the construction of a brick
Sewer on Mill Street the committee was instructed to adopt by ordi-

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