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May 7/84
Be it remembered that on this the 7th day of May 1884 the Common
Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pursuant to
The following Officers are present, towit: [strikethrough] His Honor the Mayor
H. G. Struve and [/strikethrough] Councilmen Thos Clancy, B. F. Day, Geo W. Harris,
John Keenen, Charles McDonald, B. L. Northrup, Otto Ranke, U. M.
& F. W. Wusthoff
By reason of the absence from the City of His Honor the Mayor H. G.
Councilman U M. Rasin is appointed Acting Mayor to
serve during such absence
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
Report Rec'd
From Clerk reporting the election of Gardner Kellogg as Chief of
the Fire Department. Adopted & said Gardner Kellogg is hereby
duly declared elected to the Office of Chief of the Fire Department
from June 1, 1884 & for the term provided by law
From Clerk reporting that no objections had been filed to the proposed
grading at Bell Street from Front St to 5th St. Adopted
From Surveyor recommending the grading of the petition of O. C. Shorey for
the raising of [strikethrough] the gra [/strikethrough] the sidewalk fronting his property on 3rd Street.
Committee Reports Rec'd
From Judiciary Comtee] approving Attys report. Adopted
From Judiciary Comtee reporting the selection of J. C. Harris Esq. as
associate Counsel with City Atty in case of Walter Collins-v-City. Adopted
From Finance Comtee rejecting the application of Wm Harkins for an allow-
ance on a/c of 4th Street Grade. Rejected
A Motion made to allow the claim of Wm Harkins on a/c of 4th Street
Grade is lost.
From Finance Comtee rejecting the petition of Robt Abrams et al for
correction of certain errors on a/c Battery Street Grade. Adopted
From Finance Comtee rejecting claim of Jonah E. Leaman in the sum of
$250.00 for loss of horse, Adopted
From Special Comtee recommending the acceptance of the [p?]
of [?] [?] Fire Engine Co to furnish Engine [?] [C?]
[?] communicate [di?] [in?] [?]

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