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May 7/84
Grade fund be & is hereby refined to [strikethrough] a Special [/strikethrough] the Financial Comtee [strikethrough] to wit: [/strikethrough]
Ordered that the Treasurer be & is hereby instructed to remit the 11%
penalty on all grade taxes paid within 30 days
Ordered that the matter of the 4th Street Grade be & is hereby
referred to a Comtee towit: Wusthoff, McDonald & Keenen.
Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned until [strikthrough] next [/strikethrough]
Wednesday May 14, 1884 at 8 O'Clock P.M.
Attest: E S Osborne Clerk
Approved H G Struve Mayor
May 14/84
Be it remembered that on this the 14th day of May 1884 the
Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber
pursuant to adjournment
The following Officers are present, to wit: His Honor the Mayor H. G.
and Councilmen Thos Clancy, B. F. Day, John Keenen,
Charles McDonald, B. L. Northrup, Otto Ranke, U M. Rasin and F. W.

Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
Petitions Rec'd
From John H. Carr et al remonstrating against the proposed grading
of Madison Street from end of present grade to Lake Washington. Re-
ferred to Wusthoff, Ranke & Clancy as a Special Comtee
From Geo. Dorffel et al remonstrating against the proposed extension
of Madison Street. Referred to a Special Comtee to wit: Wusthoff,
Ranke & Clancy
From W. D. Wood et al remonstrating against granting any
license to R. Pritchard to Retail Liquors on the East end of Jackson
. Referred to Comtee on Licenses.
From Thos T. Minor et al for grading Cherry Street from 9th & Broad-
way. Referred to Street Comtee
From Angus McKenzie et al for the right of Angus McKenzie to dispose of books
[?] [?] by to Presbyterian Board of Publication without the
[p?] [?] [uc?]. Denied
Communications Rec'd

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