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May 26/84
On Lot 5 Blk 26 Boren's reduced to $1900
Hulda Young on Lot 3 Blk 2 Boren's reduced to $3500
Hulda Young on Lot 6 Blk 2 Boren's reduced to $3500
Hulda Young on Lot 1 Blk 25 Boren's reduced to$2200
Hulda Young on Lot 4 Blk 25 Boren's reduced to $2000
Fredolin Wilhelm on Lots 5&8 Blk 46 Terry's Improvements Stricken
Frank Griffin for reduction on Lots 7&8 B 39 Maynard's
petition denied.
Pratt on Lot 2 Blk 1 Nob Hill Add Improvements
reduced to $1250.
Moses Keezer on Blk 39 Boren's reduced to $5000
Ordered that the Nagle Plat be increased on acreage of
unplatted part to 79&65/100 acres
Ordered that S Kenny be notified to appear. Thursday May
29, 1884 at a 8 o'clock pm to show objections if any to increasing
his assessments on Lots 5&8 Blk 30 Terry's plat from
$1800 to $3400
Adjourned until Thursday May 29,1884 at 8 o'clock pm
Attest: E S Osborne clerk
Approved Chas McNaught President of the Council
On this the 26th day of May 1884 immediately after adjournment as
about the Common Council meets pursuant to the call of His
Honor the Mayor
Present: His Honor the Mayor H G Struve & Councilmen Thos
, B F Day, Geo W Harris, Chas McDonald, U M Rasin &
F W Wusthoff
An Ordinancce is submitted entitled "To amend Ordinance No 545 entitled
to establish the grade for Bell Street' After due consideration said Ordi-
nance is adopted upon the following vote to wit: In favor of adoption
[Clancy]], Day, Harris, McDonald, Rasin & Wusthoff Against adoption
An Ordianace is submitted Entitled "To provide for the grading
and improvement of a portion of [?]

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