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Clancy, Day, Harris, McDonald, Rasin &
F W Wusthoff against adoption none
Ordered that the Council stand now adjournedAttest: E S Osborne clerk
Approved Chas McDonald President of the Council
May 29/84 On this the 29th day of May 1884 the Common Council of the
City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pursuant to adjourn-
ment as a Board of Equalization
Present councilmen Thos Clancy, B F Day, Harris, ChasMcDonald,
B L Northrup, Otto Ranke &F W Wusthoff
By reason of the absence of His Honor the Mayor Councilman Charles McDonald
President of the Council to serve during the meeting
And now the Council proceeds to the exam-
ination of the Assesssment Roll for 1884
Ordered that the following changes be made in the Assessment Rolls amend
]]Kenny]]'s assessment to wit:
on Lot 5 B 30 Terry's raised to $1900.
on Lot 8 B 30 Terry's raised to $1500.
Eastern Addition reduced to $100 per lot
on Lot 1 B 37 Maynard's reduced to $400.
on Lot 2 B 37 Maynard's reduced to $350
P D Hamlin
on Blk 36 Maynard's $4000.
on Blk 37 Maynard's $500.
on Blk 38 Maynard's $1000.
James Campbell
on Blk 23 Nagle's reduced to $1600.
James Dougan
In Northern addition except Blk 29 reduced to $40 per lot
Ordered that Blk 2 & 3 Nob Hill addition be reduced to
$100. per lot
P R L G Pratt on 12 acres reduced to $500 per acre
And now [?] further complaints being made against
said assessment Roll and said Roll being found to be
correct, it is ordered that the said Assessment Roll be

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