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An ordinance is submitted entitled "To amend Section one (1) of
Ordinance No 502" after due consideration said ordinance is
adopted upon the following vote to wit: In favor of adoption Clancy, Day, Keenen,
McDonald, Northrup, Ranke, Rasin & Wusthoff.
An Ordinance is submitted to authorize a contract with the
Spring Hill Water co for water for fire purposes
Ordered that the Attorney confer with Chief of Fire Depart-
ment & submit such an Ordinance s may be agreed upon
An ordiance to condem old cemetary & turn same into
a Park is referred to a special comtee to wit: [Day]], Ranke
& McDonald to ascertain the cost of removing bodies.
Report of Chief of Fire Dept referred to Wusthoff, Day &
An ordinance is submitte ntitled "To appropriate fifteen
hundred dollars to be used for the purpose of paying existing indebt-
edness against the City on account of lighting, cleaning and
repairing the streets of the City" after due consideration said
Ordinance is adopted upon the following vote to wit: In favor
of adoption Clancy, Day, Keenen,McDonald, Ranke & Wusthoff.
Against adoption Northrup & Rasin.
Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned
Attest E S Osborne clerk
Approved H G Struve mayor
June 23/84
Be it remembered that on this the 23rd day of June 1884 the Common
council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pursuant to the
call of His Honor the Mayor Councilman U M Rasin
Present: His Honor the Mayor H G Struve & Councilmen Thos Clancy,
B F Day, Geo W Harris, John Keenen,ChasMcDonald, B L Northrup,
Otto Ranke & F W Wusthoff.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
From G A Weed et al for modifying grade for Street Railway
referred to Street comtee with instructions to report at this meeting

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