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July 7/84
Be it remembered that on this the 7th day of July 1884 the
Common Council of the City of Seatle meets in its Council Chamber
pursuant to law.
The following officers are present to wit: His Honor the Mayor
H G Struve and Councilmen Thos Clancy, B F Day, Geo W
, Chas McDonald, B L Northrup, Otto Ranke and
F W Wusthoff.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had
Petitions rec'd
From M R Maddocks et al for raising grade corner cherry
and 5th Streets. Referred to Street Comtee
From School Directors, School District No 1 for grading Fifth
between Battery and Vine Streets. Referred to Street Comtee
From G W Young et al for abating nuisance on Block 18
of Maynard's plat
. Referred to comtee on Health & Police.
From David Gilmore et al for gas Lamps on alley west of Front
refered to Comtee on Gas Lights
From Geo N Alexander for cancelling $9819.20 of Jackson Street
Grade Warrants & for the issuance of City Fund Warrants in
lien thereof. Referred to City Attorney.
From Geo Venable Smith substituting a compilation of Ordinances
Referred to Judiciary Comtee.
From Fredolin Wilhelm et al for lowering grade on James Street
between 5th and 7th Streets. Referred to Street Comtee.
From H L Yesler et al against changing the grade on James Street
as prayed for by Fredolin Wilhelm et al. Referred to Street Comtee.
Communications Rec'd
From His Honor the Mayor submitting his annual message
Adopted and ordered printed in pamphlet form to the extent of
500 copies.
Reports Rec'd
From the City Justice. Referred to Judiciary Comtee
From Harbor Master. Referred to Comtee on Harbors & Wharves
FromCheif of Police. Referred to Comtee on Health & Police
From the Treasurer on condition of funds. Referred to Fianace Comtee
From the Street Commissioner. Referred to Street Comtee
From Attorney. Referred to Judiciary Comtee

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