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July 7/84
James Bogart Working prisoners No 529 $43.75
James Bogart boarding prisoners No 530 $29.75
Yesler Mill Co lumber No 531 $58.04
Stetson & Post lumber No 532 $29.31
G P McFaden hauling lumber No 533 $7.50
S Berry lumber No 534 $10.
M J Calligan hauling lumber No 535 $2.
Wald & Campbell nails No 536 $11.25
James Brennan sharpening tools No 537 $4.75
J M Snow Engineering Battery St sewer No 538 $14.
J M Snow Engineering Washtn St sewer No 539 $248.10
S G Simpson sewer onWashtn St $4485.
Gas Fund
Seattle Gas Lt Co Gas 82 $320.30
Seattle Gas Lt Co Repair etc. 83 $201.30
Fire Fund
W A Perry Engine #1 396 $75.
P E Smith Engine #2 397 $75.
Seattle Gas Lt Co Coal 398 $12.
A B Merrell Haul Engines $7.50 Coal $3.00 399 $10.50
M J Calligan Haul coal 400 $.85
James Street Grade #387
J N Snow Engineering No 1013 $120.30
Cummings & Strong Contract Work No 1014 $1526.93
Bell Street Grade #505
J N Snow Engineering No 1045 $33.10
W C Muir Conteract work $658.55
An Ordinance to condemn Old Cemetary & Convert the same into a
Park is re-referred to Cemetary Comtee with instructions to ascertain
its exact cost of removing the bodies & procuring lots.
An Ordinanace is submitted to repral certain ordinances referred
to Judiciary Comtee to make certain amendments
An Ordinance is submitted entitles "An ordinance to amend Sections
Three and Five of Ordinance No 473" After due consideration said
Ordinance is adopted upon the following vote to wit: in favor of adoption

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