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July 18/84
Ed Parker Special Officer Election Day 751,752 $3
H R Turnbull Special Officer Election Day 753 $3
M J Mills Special Officer Election Day 754 $3
W P Smith Special Officer Election Day 755 $3
T H Campbell Special Officer Election Day 756 $3
M L Petty Special Officer Election Day 757 $3
J H McGraw Sheriff's Fees 758 $35.50
J H McGraw Plumbing City HAll 759 $11.15
J H McGraw Taxes Refunded 760 $3.70
J H McGraw Taxes Refunded 761 $2.83
Fire Fund
Young & McKeon Labor on hose No 403 $4.50
John Sturm Washing hose No 404 $1.50
James Dunham Washing hose No 405 $3.
J F Trana Washing hose No 406 $3.
Alfred Snyder Brooms & Cleaning Material No 407 $2.50
M J Callinan Coal No 408 $7.50
G Kellogg Coal No 409 $7.
W A Perry Coal No 410 $6.
G Kellogg & Co Cleaning Material No 411 $9.90
Gordon Hardware Co Files, Waste etc. No 412 $4.50
Spring Hill Water Co. Water No 413 $12.
The Fire Contee returns the report of the Chief of the Fire Dept with
their apporval
Ordered that the Street Commissioneer be & he is hereby instructed to
Plank over the railriad track way between Columbis & Washing-
ton Streets for fire purposes, porvided the Railroad Co contract
Ordered that the chif of the Fire Dept be & he is hereby instructed
to remove a tongue [?] R R Co Fire Engine]
Bids Rec'd
And now the Council proceeds to open the bids for the [?]

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