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July 25/84
For assessor W. H. Hughes received 645 votes
Frank Seidel received 473 votes
For Councilmen H. L. Yesler received 626 votes
Alfred Snyder received 592 votes
E. F. Sox received 568 votes
Amos Brown received 548 votes
W. E. Jones received 534 votes
J. F. McNaught received 449 votes
Third Ward
Total number of votes cast 725 votes
For Mayor John Leary received 267 votes
Geo. Kinnear received 457 votes
For Chief of PoliceJ. H. Woolery received 342 votes
L. Miller received 372 votes
For City Attorney C. H. Hanford received 498 votes
J. B. Metcalfe received 224 votes
For Assessor W. H. Hughes received 527 votes
Frank Seidel received 193 votes
For Councilmen B. F. Day received 601 votes
B. L. Northrup received 486 votes
Geo. F. Frye received 485 votes
Geo. W. Hall received 285 votes
Otto Ranke received 216 votes
Whereupon by reason of the law and the premises after said,
the Council finds:
That there were a total of 7525 votes cast at said election
And the Council further finds that the following named persons
as duly elected to the Offices following for the term provided by
law, which term commences on the 3rd day of August 1884, towit:
Mayor John Leary
Chief of Police J. H. Woolery
Attorney C. H. Hanford
Assessor W. H. Hughes
Councilmen from the First Ward
Wm A. Harrington, Franklin Matthias, C. L. Clancy
Councilmen from the Second Ward

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