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Aug 21/84
Ordered that Dr S C Smith be & is hereby authorized to
peddle certain tracts about the City for the period of one month from
this date.
Ordered that James Bogart be & is hereby enployed as Janitor
of City Hall & to work prisoners he to receive therefor $60.00 per month
& $60 cents per day for meals for each man.
Ordered that the city Justice be & ishereby instructed as
part of the fine & Costs in City Cases, the amount of Bond expended
in keeping the prisoner who is to pay such fine, from the time of
arrest to the time of the payment of such fine & Costs.
Ordered that the Clerk be & is hereby constituated a Purchasing Agent
for the City & is hereby instructed to procure all necessary blanks
Ordered that the Atty be & is hereby instructed to submit an Ordinance
for the purposes aforesaid.
Ordered that the Clerk be & is hereby instructed to advertise for
bids for printing, lumber, hardware, attending gas lights & for
supplies for Fire Dept.
Ordered that the Atty be & is hereby instructed to submit an Ordinance
fixing the regular meetings for the Council on the 1st & 3rd Fridays of
each Month
A communication is rec'd from the Atty on the matter of the
Madison Street Extension. Ordered that the atty be & is hereby
instructed to submit an Ordinance authorizing the issuance of
Warrants on siad special fund to pay alldamages hereto fore
Ordered that the Comtee on Harbor & Wharves be & it is hereby ins-
tructed to inquire into the amount of harbor dues collected &
remaining un collected for the month of July 1884.
A report is rec'd from Chief of Fire Dept on
Department matters. Referred to Comtee on Fire &Water supply
And now Councilman Clancy prefers a charge against
Officer F L Bangs of Police Force of being asleep during the hours
of duty. Referred to the Comtee on Health & Police
And now Councilman Northrup offers the following motion to wit:
Moved that Section 7 of Ordinance No 397 be amended by adding

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