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Aug 28/84
Ordered that the chairman of the Gas Comtee be & is hereby instructed
to continue the present contract with the Gas Co for lighting, cleaning
& Repairing the street lamps until the rext regular meeting of the
Petitions Rec'd
From James H May for the right to dump earth foot of Seneca
Street. Referred to Street Comtee
From L E Booth et al for a sewer to drain Block 9 of Maynard's
through the alley to Washington Street sewer. Referred to
Street Comtee.
From R S Sullivan for revoking the license for selling beer etc
heretofore granted to Margaret Sullivan. Referred to the Comtee
on Licenses.
From H A Arkins for gas lamps of Fourth Street from James
to Seneca Street. Referred to Gas Comtee
Fron John S Anderson for grading Fifth Street between James and
Jefferson Streets. Referred to Street Comtee
Ordered that the Comtee on Sewers be & is hereby instructed to
report upon the matter of the condition of a sewer connecting Mrs.
's property with James Street with recommendations
Committee Reports
From the Judiciary Comtee recommending the granting of the Plat
of John E Hale for cancelling the tax deed. Adopted
from the Street Comtee recommending the granting of the petition
of L F Dearborn et al for grading Jackson Street between Comm-
ercial and Second Street. Adopted and Atty instructed to submit
ann ordinance therefor.
From the Fire Comtee on the report of Chief of Fire Department
recommending the adoption of the same & containing other recom-
mendations. Laid on the table until next regular meeting
From the Comtee on Health & Police on the charge preferred
against officer Bangs for being asleep during the hours of duty
reporting that said charge is not proven. Report adopted
Ordered that all applications for businesses to be referred to the
Comtee on Licenses as the at the 2d regular meeting of each month
That said application be held for examination by such.

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