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Sept 5/84
Gordon Hardware & Co Emery Cloth No 437 $1.00
B J Dougherty Coal 438 $6.90
Harrington & Smith Oil 439 $1.75
Schwabacher Bros & Co Oil etc 440 $7.95
Gordon Hardware & Co Sundries 441 $1.85
Sharpe Coffman & Co Fire Hydrants & Spanners 442 $757.
James Street Grade #387
J M Snow Engineering 1131 $10.75
R H Thomson Engineering 1132 $90.40
Cummings & Strong Contract Work 1133 to 1135 $1559.30
Fifth Street Grade #573
J M Snow Engineering 1136 $32.10
R H Thomson Engineering 1137 $11.30
Wm Harkins Contract Work 1138 $698.51
Front Street Grade #395
Wm Harkins on Bondsman a/c Contract Work 1139 $1088.
Front Temperance Streets Grade #565
J M Snow Engineering 1144 $52.65
R H Thomson Engineering 1145 $64.73
S G Simpson Contract Work 1146-1170 $3451.95
And now the Council proceeds to open bids for the following
purposes to wit:
For elctric Fire Alarm Referred to Fire Comtee
For lighting & attending gas lamps by E Manwaring, Chas Conden
& James H May
The Bid of James H May being the contract is awarded to him.
For printing by Herald Publishing Co & Post Intelligencer Co.
Referred to Councilman Northrup
For sidewalk on Fron -Temperance Streets Ord # 581 by S G Simpson
Wm F Preston, & E Champeaux & A H Shelton
Bids referred to Street Comtee.
For work on gas lamps etc by Seattle Gas Lt Co, Washington Iron Works,
& J Schram & Co. Referred to Gas Comtee
For supplies for Fire Dept by G Kellogg & Co Referred to
Fire Comtee.

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