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Oct 3/84
Be it remembered that on this the 3rd day of October 1884, the
CommonCouncil of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Cham-
ber pursuant to law.
The following Officers are present to wit: His Honor the MAyor
John Leary and Councilmen Chas F Clancy, Geo F Frye, W A
, B L Northrup, Alfred Snyder, E F Sox, H L Yesler,
W G Latimer & W V Rinehart
Thereupon rhe following proceedings are had:
Petitions Rec'd
From Sarah E Malson et al for a drain in James Street
Referred to Comtee on Sewers
From Moses Keezer for striking certain property from Fourth
Grade assessment Roll. Referred to Judiciary Comtee
From James Chamberlin for a transfer of location of Saloon
from South 2d Street to Washington Street granted
Communications and Reports
From T H Cann for allowance of claim heretofore presented
Referred to Police Comtee
From City Justice Referred to Judiciary Comtee
From Treasurer Orderd filed
From Chief of Police showing arrests. Ordered files
From Chief of Police denying certain alleged changes for
official mis conduct & demanding an investigation
From Street Commissioner Referred to Street Comtee
From Sewer Comtee denying the petition of Fredk Prosch et al
for opening Virginia Street Adopted
From Judiciary Comtee denying the petition of Jonah Seaman
for damages coused by loss of horse. Report adopted
From Police Comtee recommending certain assignments
of Police Force adopted
From Gas Light Comtee recommending the removal of
3 lamps & Placing one large lamp at Occidental Square

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