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Oct 13/84
satisfied. Referred to Street Comtee
A Resolution from the Chamber of Commerce is rec'd asking for
the planking of Commercial & Front Streets. Laid on the table
From John Shepich for changing location & name of
saloon from the "Eureka" saloon on Washington Street to the
"Cosmopolitan Saloon" on South 3rd Street. Granted
From D.T. Denny et al for the condemnation of property for a
street from the end of Rollin Street at Depot Street to Fifth Street
near Pine Street. Referred to Street Comtee
From Cummings & Strong for an extension of time on James
Grade until Jan. 1, 1885. Granted
Reports Rec'd
From Surveyor reporting that the time for completing the
Fifth Street Grade had expired. Referred to Street Comtee
From Street Comtee recommending the passage of an Ordinance
granting certain rights of Way to Seattle Street Railway Co.
From Comtee on Public Buildings, Property and Grounds rec-
ommending the adoption of the report of the Cemetery Commission.
Ordered that the Attorney be & is hereby instructed to submit
an Ordinance providing for a City Sexton, for the manage-
ment of the new City Cemetery & setting apart the 40 acre tract
as a place of Sepulcher
Ordered that the old plat of the new Cemetery furnished by
J. M. Snow then City Surveyor be & is hereby set aside
Ordered that the plat of the new Cemetery furnished by
Albro Gardner be & is hereby approved and adopted
Ordered that the form of Record book now in use in San
Francisco for Cemetery business be & is hereby adopted for
the City cemetery business of the City
Ordered that the matter of selecting a name for the new
City Cemetery be & is hereby referred to the Comteeon Public Buildings,
Property & Grounds
From Sewer Comtee reporting that its action is recessing on
the petition of Sarah E. Nealson.

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