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Oct 13/84
existing Ordinances and Territorial laws.
Ordered that Mrs Dodd & Mrs Schultz be & are hereby permitted
to peddle about the City for 3 months without a license
Orderline that Wm L. Lindsley & the Janitors of all School
buildings be & they are hereby appointed Special Policemen
without charge to the City and that the Chief of Police be & is hereby instructed to give
stars to said parties upon application
Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned
Attest: E S. Osborne Clerk
Approved John Leary Mayor
Oct 17/84
Be it remembered that on this the 17th day of October 1884, the Com-
mon Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pursuant
to law,
The following Officers are present, tonit: His Honor the Mayor John
and Councilmen Chas F. Clancy, Geo. F. Frye, W. A. Harrington,
B. L. Northrup, Alfred Snyder, G. F. Sox, H. L. Yesler & W. G. Latimer
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
The Assessment Rolls for Front, Kentucky, Harrison and Temperance
s Improvements under Ordinances Nos 565 & 581 and Jackson
Improvement under Ordinance No. 592 are referred to a Special
Committee, to wit: Latimer, Northrup & Frye
A communication is rec'd fromJustice Vrooman on the matter of
Policemens fees. Referred to the Atty.
A petition is rec'd from Walter Burritt for refunding $25.00 paid for a
Grocery license, which license was refused. Referred to the Atty
Licenses Ordered Issued
Ordered that licenses be issued as follows:
Blanchard & Smith for Retail liquors for 12 months from Nov. 11
The A. P. Hotaling Co for Wholesale for 6 months from Oct. 16
Chas G. Steinwey for Retail for 3 months from Oct. 3
M & K. Gottsteinfor Wholesale for 3 months from Sept 17
A. E. Alden, Manager for Retail for 3 months from Oct 1
John Collinsfor Retail for 3 months from Sept 25

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