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Dec 5/84
From Thos Hickson et al for a crossing in Madison Street at Jones
. Referred to Street Comtee
From D. T. Denny et al for extending Rollin Street to meet Pike
near Fifth Street. Referred to Street Comtee
Communications and Reports
From D. T. Denny with drawing his plat of North Seattle. Ordered rec'd
From City Justice showing fines collected. Ordered filed
From Treasurer on the condition of funds. Referred to Finance Comtee
From Street Commissioner. Showing labor performed. Ordered filed
From Harbor Master. Referred to Attorney
From Justice Cann showing fines collected. Referred to Finance
From Chief of Police showing arrests. Referred to Finance Comtee
From Jailor showing persons in Confinement for Nov. Referred to
Finance Comtee
From Surveyor submitting specifications for a Sewer foot of
Marion Street. Referred to Sewer Comtee
From Attorney on the condition of pending litigation. Ordered filed
Committees Reports
From the Chief of Police submitting rules for the government of the
Police Force. Referred to Police Force
From Gas Comtee recommending Gas lamps corners of 4th &
Jefferson & Mill and South 3rd Streets. Adopted
From Judiciary Comtee recommending the granting of the petition of
P. D. Hamlin in manner as reported by the Clerk. Adopted
From Street Comtee recommending the passage of an Ordinance
for the extension & establishment of Madison Street. Laid over until
next meeting
Applications for Licenses Referred
Emil Davidson, John Levy, M. K. Gottstein, Joseph Hayson, Chas
, Gumbert & Dickman, Abraham Buigger, S. Kirschberg, Frank Wilton,
E. Champeaux, John Brannen, & Peter Anderson
Licenses Ordered Issued
Ordered that licenses be issued as follows towit:
John Shepich for Grocery license for 3 months from Nov. 8. 1884
A. F. Able for Retail license for 3 months from Nov 13

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