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Dec 12/84
Be it remembered that on this the 12th day of December 1884
The Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in it's Council
Chamber pursuant to adjournment.
The Following Officers are present Towit: His Honor the Mayor
John Leary and Councilmen Geo. F. Frye, W.A. Harrington, B.L.
, Alfred Snyder, H.L. Yesler, W.G. Latimer & W.V. Rinehart.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
Petitions Rec'd
From Trustees of Lake View Cemetery et al for repairing the Cem-
etery Road, Referred to Street Comtee
From the Chief of Police suspending Officer Thomas Ross from
the Police Force because of Drunkenness while on duty. In
favor of said order Frye, Harrington, Northrup, Snyder, Yesler,
Latimer, & Rinehart. Against the same; none.
Communications and Reports
From the Health officer on the petition of L.W. Foss recommending
that an extension of time be granted to L.W. Foss and W.W. Evans
in which to remove their slaughter Houses and that the
Hog ranch Nuisance maintained by H. Chaffee be abated.
Ordered that L.W. Foss and W.W. Evans have until April 1, 1885
in which to remove their Slaughter Houses.
From the Street Committee on the petition of D.T. Denny et al
for the extension and establishment of Rollin Street north to
Pike Street at Fifth Street, recommending the granting of the
petition. That the said Rollin Street be extended to stop at Sixth
. Report adopted
From Street Committee recommending that the claim of James
be allowed in the sum of $15.00
ordered that the said claim be allowed in the sum of $24.60
From the Committee on Public Buildings, Property & grounds on
Cemetery Matters. Report Adopted
From the Com tee on Fire & Water supply recommending the
placing of Fire Hydrants as follows: Corners of Front & Madison;
Front and Columbia and Commercial & Washington.

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