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Jan 2/85
From Mary Costello for repayment of certain taxes paid. Referred
to Judiciary Comtee
From R Levy for refunding Road Poll Tax paid Referred
to Street Comtee.
Communications and Reports
From Surveyor regarding Monument in Front & Marion Streets
ordered that the Surveyor be & is hereby instructed at set witness
posts for monument to be removed.
From surveyor reporting that the time for the completion
of the Fifth Street grade had expired. Accepted
From Surveyor reporting that the time for the completion of James Street Grade had expired.
Ordered that the Street Commissioner be & is hereby instructed
to preserve the said grading already done from damage by Water and change the same to the account of the Contractors.
From City Justice Cann showing fines collected.
From Justice Cann showing fines collected
From Chief of Police showing arrests fines collected
From Chief of Police showing arrests for December 1884
From Street Commissioner showing work performed for
December 184
From Attorney on pending litigation
From Treasurer for an extension of time in which to make
a semi annual report. Adopted
From Jailor showing prisoners in confinement
Committees Reports
From Health & Police recommending the passage of an
ordinance to prevent the interference with Water Pipes etc.
Applications for Licenses Referred
Thomas & Morgan, L Diller, Geo Meister, John S Meregan, Oliver
, F Claus, James W Smith, John Collins & Chas G

Licenses Ordered Issued
Ordered that licenses by issued as follows, to wit:
Meyers & Powers for Retail Liquors for 3 months from Dec 18/84
Blanchard & Co for Wholesale &Retail for 3 months from Dec 12/84
John Stifter for Grocery for 3 months from Jan 1,1885
John S Mennan for Retail for 3 months from Dec 27, 1884

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