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Feb 20/85
833 for $1.75 which said warrant is lost. Granded & said Road
Warrant No 833 is hereby cancelled.
T Sherman for Rd Poll Tax
From Thompson Sherman for rebating Road Poll tax paid. Referrd
to Finance Committee.
5th St Grade Warrants
From Wm Harkins for the Council to request the Mayor to
Sign certain Fifth Street Grade Warrants. Referred to City Atty
Hennessy on refunding taxes
From James Hennessy for refunding taxes paid double assessment
Brugger for refunding moneys
From Abraham Brugger for refunding balance of license money
License ordered revoked becasue siad Brugger has been convincted
of selling spritoud liquors. Ordered that the balance of money on said license be not refunded
Public Benefit Plat
A plat is presented by John Collins entitled "The Public Benefit
Addition to the City of Seattle" Referred to the Committee on Public build-
ings, Property and Grounds
Seattle Cemetary Ass plat
A plat is presented by the Seattle Cemetary Association of the Masonic
. Referred to the Committee on Public Buildings, Property & Grounds
Reports Rec'd
Old Hand Engine
From Chief of Fire department on protecting Old Hand Engine
Orderd that the Chief of Fire Department be & is hereby instructed to
make a temporary shed over the same
Front Bulkhead
From the Atty on the matter of repairing the Bulkhead on West Side
of Front Street. Report orderd filed and the subject matter referred to
the Street Comtee.
Powers & Meyers litigation
From the Atty asking for funds to pay indebtedness in City-v-
Powers, granted & Warrant ordered drawn.
Engine to Bell Town
From Comtee on Public Buildings, Propoerty & Grounds on the several
petitions against removing Engine No 2 to North Seattle. Report
Hose & Hose Cart ordered
From Finance Comtee submitting bids for hose & Hose carts. Referred
to Fire Comtee & Chief of Fire Deaprtment.
Ordered that said Comtee be & is hereby instructed to order hose
& Hose cart as soon as any bid is accepted.
From Sewer Comtee making certain recommendation regard-
ing sewage. Report Adopted

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