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Apr 3/85
Be it remembered that on this the 3rd day of April 1885 the Common
Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council Chamber pursuant to
The following officers are present, to wit: His Honor the Mayor John
& Councilmen W A Harrington, Alfred Snyder, E F Sox, H L
, W G Latimer & W V Rinehart.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
Petitions and Communications Rec'd
Mercer St Opening
From D T Denny et al for opening Mercer Street between Temperance
and Farm Streets. Referred to Street Comtee
Jones & Hubbell for barn in Spring St
From Jones & Hubbell for erecting building near foot of Spring Street
Referred to Street Comtee
Gas Contract
From Gas Company protesting against the violation by the City of
the Contract to supply gas. Referred to Gas Comtee
Lots 2,3,&4 Blk 18 Maynard draining of
From G W Young et al for draining lots 2,3,& 4 Block 18 of Maynards
. Referred to Sewer Comtee
Watering Sts
From John Hildebrand for the right to use Hydrants corner Spring
& Front Streets for watering streets. Upon the statement of His
Honor the Mayor that said Hildebrand had made arrangements
with the Spring Hill Water Co for the water said petition is
H & L truck
From Board of Fire Delegates for a Hook & Ladder Truck. Referred to Fire Comtee
Notice of Garnishment
Writs of Extension & Notices of Garnishment are served upon the City in the
following cases. W W Evans-v-Cummings & Strong; W W Evans-v-J J Cum-
& Notice of Garnishment in the Case of Harrington Smith-v-
Cummings & Co
Fourth St Sewer
From McNaught & Crane for a sewer in Fourth Street from Spring Street
to Madison Street Referred to Sewer Comtee
Mre Ledger to peddle
From Mrs C E Jenner et al for granting to Mrs Ledger permission to sell
from house to house articles of herown manufacture without a license. Granted
Injured by Oriental Fire matter
From Providence Hospital regarding the condition of persons injured at
Oriental Fire together with claims for care of same. Claims ordered referred
to Finance Comtee.
Reports Rec'd
From Street Commissioner Referred to Street Comtee
From Justice Geo G Lyon Ordered filed

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