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Apr 3/85
of the street fronting the property claimed to be damaged, to wit
Lots 4 & 5 Block 43 S.D. Maynards Plat. Referred to the Judiciary Committee & City Atty
Powder House
Ordered that the matter of the Powder House be referred to the Committee on Public Buildings, Property & Grounds.
James St Grade Levy
Ordered that the rate of Assessment in order to provide funds to pay for the Improvement of James Street under Ordinace No 384 be & the same is hereby fixed at 181 3/10 mills on the dollar.
Councilman Rinehart offers the following Resolution:
Mayors Banquet
Whereas the City of Seattle enjoys the peculiar distinction of having now living within her limits every person who had ever served as her Chief Executive, some of whom have now passed the mile-post making the limit of our allotted lifetime, and Whereas the events surrounding the close of Gen Grants illustrious life and especially the unwritten accord from his hand for which a nation waits in sorrow and suspense warn us that other lives may close with unwritten records-that of any moment the relentless hand of the Destroyer may reach forth from the invisible future to snatch one or more from this charmed circle of eventful and distinguished lives, therefore
Resolved, that we urgently solicit from our Mayor and each of our Ex-Mayors his autobiography for the use of the City in preparing or preseving its history; and with a view of securing a speedy compliance with this request and of securing mutual interchange of opinions on the subject of preserving for future generations our city's history of which these names must form an important part we request these honored servants of the City to meet this body at a time to be named by His Honor the Mayor, to become the guests of the City and participate in a banquet to be provided for the occasion hereupon laid Resolution is adopted.
Liquor Bd.
The Judiciary Committee submit an Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance to amend Section Seven of Ordinance No. 634" after due consideration said ordinance is adopted upon the following vote, to wit: In favor of adoption Harrington, Rinehart, Snyder, Sox, Yesler, Latimer. Against adoption none
To pay bills
An ordinance is submitted entitled "A special ordinance appropriating money to pay audited claims. Adopted upon the following vote, to wit: In favor of adoption Harrington, Rinehart, Snyder, Sox, Yesler & Latimer. Against

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