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the granting of the petition of Bailey Gatzert for vacating the alley in Block
78 of McNaughts 2d
and Terrys 2d additions. Report adopted & atty
instructed to submit an Ordinance therefor.

And now the Council proceeds to consider the matter of investi-
gating the charges preferred against Chief of Police J.H.Woolery
thereupon ordered that the Atty be & is hereby instructed to prepare &
submit specific charges in writing against said Chief of Police

And now the Council proceeds to an election to fill the vacancy
in the office of Councilman from the First Ward in place of Council-
man Clancy whose seat has been declared vacant, Whereupon S.
D. Crockett
receiving a majority of all the votes of the members of said
Council is duly declared elected a Councilman from the First Ward
for the term provided by law

And now the Council proceeds to examine & equalize the Assessment
Roll for the year 1885.

The petition of Geo Kinnear to reduce the assessment on Lot 6 Block
J, A.A. Dennys Plat
is denied

The petition of W.H. Reeves referred to City Atty

Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned until Tuesday May
19, 1885 at 8 o'clock p.m.

Attest: E.S. Osborne clerk
Approved John Leary Mayor

Be it remembered that on this the 19th day of May 1885 the Common
Council of the City of Seattlt meets in its Council Chamber pursuant to

The following Officers are present, towit: His Honor the Mayor John
& Councilmen W.A Harrington, Geo. F. Frye, Alfred Snyder, W.V.
& H.L Yesler

Thereupon the following proceedings are had:
And now the council proceeds with the examination and equal-
ization of the Assessment Roll for the year 1885.

Ordered that the following changes be made in said roll, towit:
G.F.Dearborn, to be added to his assessment the N1/2 of Lot 6B 21 Kidd

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