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Work paid for to D T Wheeler be & is hereby rejected
Ordered that the motion to accomodate the claim of Harris & Greenus
be & is hereby laid on the table
And now the Council proceeds to an election to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignatioin of B L Northup a Councilman from the
Third Ward. Whereupon Walter Graham receiving a majority of
all the votes of the members of said Common Council is duly declared
elected to fill said vacancy for the term provided by law.
And now the City Attorney gives an opinion as to the power of
the City to appropriate moneys in aid of a 4th of July celebration
The Attorney's opinion is that such an appropriation is illegal
& that the council has no power to appropriate moneys for such
a purpose, but that the City may appropriate moneys to clean the
ordered that the clerk be & is hereby instructed to report such opinion
to the citizens comtee for 4th of July Celebration
2 Ordinances are submitted being entitled "a special ordinance
appropriating money to pay audited bills" Adopted upon the following
vote towit: In favor of adoption Frye, Harrington, Snyder, Sox, Yesler, Latimer
& Rinehart. against adoption none.
The atty submits an Ordinance entitles "An ordinance to vacate
certain alleys in the City of Seattle" After due consideration said ordinance
is adpoted upon the following vote towit: In favor of adoption Frye,
Harrington, Snyder, Sox, Yesler, Latimer& Rinehart. against adoption none.
Ordered that the Comtee on Public Buildings, Property & Grounds be & are
hereby instructed to negotiate with the owners of certain pieces of real estate along
the line of Rollin Street Extension for the purchase of same
Ordered that the Council stand now adjourned
Attest: E S Osborne clerk
Approved John Leary mayor

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