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The vote in granting said License stands as follows:
in favor of the same, Frye, Harrington, Rinehart, Snyder, Yesler,
Crockett and Graham. Against the same none.
Claims paid
The following claims having been duly audited by the Council
are ordered paid by Warrants drawn on the funds and in
the amounts following to wit:
City Fund
E S Osborne Clerk No 1165 125.
J D Lowman Treasurer 1166 150.
C H Hanford Attorney 1167 100.
J H Woolery Chief of Police 1168 150.
E A Gardner Policeman 1169 80.
Wm Murphy Policeman 1170 80.
Wm Pinckney Policeman 1171 80.
James Welch Policeman 1172 80.
F L Bangs Policeman 1173 80.
E W Melse SpecialPoliceman 1174 3.
Wm H Hughes Assessor 1175 62.50
G L Manning Street Commissioner 1176 91.
G A Hill Policeman 1177 14.70
Geo G Lyon Policeman 1178 2.80
James Bogart Janitor & Jailor 1179 60.
E A Gardner Printing 1180 43.20
E A Gardner Job work & Stationary 1181 65.95
E A Gardner Stationary 1182 4.
E A Gardner Line rentals 1183 6.65
W H LatimerWitness fee in Justice Court 1184 2.20
James Porter Witness fee in Justice Cour 1185 2.20
L VanDoren Witness in City v Donahue 1186 2.20
Dr H M HallCare of M McCarthy injured in Oriental Fire 1187 7.50
Wm H Fink Repairing Star 1188 1.50
Road Fund
J Close For Labor on Streets No 1010 84.
T R Reed For Labor on Streets 1011 75.
H Roseburg For Labor on Streets 1012 58.50

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