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Co #3 at Lake Union, also for ladders. Referred to Fire
From D F Hoskinson for the right to place a tank inPontius
& To lay water pipe. Referred to Street Comtee
From F W Clymer et al for opening Olive Street from 10th to the
alley between 11th & 12th Streets. Referred to Street Comtee
From GeoC Delfel for applying monies paid by James
on petitioners license. Referred toAooy. Petitiongranted
From P J Primrose for cancelling tax deeds. Referred to
Judiciary Comtee.
From J H McCormick for refunding license money paid.
From Peter E Smith for compensationfor care of Hook & Ladder
Truch. Referred to Fire Comtee
Communications and Reports
From Board of Fire Delegated recommending bunks for Engine
Co #2 at Engine House.
From Surveyor on Main Street slide. Referred to Street Comtee
From Justice Lyon showing fines collected. Ordered filed
From Street Commissioner. Ordered filed
From City Justice. Referred to Judiciary Comtee
From Jailor. Ordered filed
From Treasurer. Referred to Finance Comtee
From Atty. ordered filed
Committee Reports
the reports of the Street Comtee of the Old Council on the petitions of
Geo Probst et al & James Park et al are referred to Street Comtee
Applications for Licenses Referred
Anderson & Jacobson, Martin J McDonough, Bernard Kurtz, W E Townsend
R Pritchard, Andreas Mauer, A & J Henrich, E Champeaux, Peter
, Thos Anderson, Fred Homan, S Baxter & Co, Wm Waugh, W F
Allen & Co
& E H Huntley
Licenses ordered issued
Ordered that license to be issues as follows to wit:
Geo Meister for Retail malt liquors for 3 months from Aug 1
John Shepich for Retail malt liquors for 3 months from Aug 8
Fred Gasch for Retail malt liquors for 6 months from Aug 8

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