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Aug 12 1885
Be it remembered that on this the 12th day of August 1885
the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its
Council Chamber pursuant to law.
The following officers are preent to wit: His Honor the Mayor
H L Yesler and Councilmen Keenen,Young,Calligan, Hall,
Furth & Lake
thereupon the following proceedings were had, to wit:
Petitions received
Petition of James Pallock for a sewer from North side
of Main St to South side of Jackson St referred to comittee
on sewers.
Petition of A S Miller for street crossing corner 3rd & Marion Sts. Referred to Committee on Streets and Improvements.
The remonstrance of A Burgus et al against the issuance
of a Retail Liquor License to Richard Pritcherd of the Lake
View House
at East end of Jackson St was received read and
ordered filed, and the application and bond of said Richard
ordered laid over by a unanimous vote.
A communication from the Board of Fie Delegates ask-
ing for additional fire apparatus received. Referred to
committee on Fire & Water.
Report of the City Justice approved and ordered filed.
Report of Street Commissioner Manning approved & ordered filed
Application of Charles Ross for License referred
Licenses ordered Issued
Ordered that Licenses be issues as follows to wit:
Thomas Anderson Retail Malt Liquors for 3 months from Aug 8 1885
Peter Buerman Retail Intoxicating Liquors for 3 months from Aug 1st 1885
E H Huntley Retail Intoxicating Liquors for 3 months from Aug 11 1885
Fred Homan Retail Intoxicating Liquors for 3 months from Aug 15 1885
S Baxter Wholesale Intoxicating Liquors for 6 months from Aug 10 1885
Wm Waugh Retail Malt Liquors for 3 months from Aug 16 1885

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