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AUG 21 1885
Ordered that the Treasurer receive from said O J Yatesthe sum
of $168.00 in full settlement of his grade tax.
A communication was received from the City Surveyor
recommending the esteblishing of permanent Government
Corners within the City Limits. Referred to Com on Streets
Also a communication from the City Surveyor recommend-
ing that the Claims of T J Milner, J G Scurry and F H Whitworth
for services in examining the slide on the block in which M
's property is located be paid. Report adopted and claims
ordered paid.
Report of Park Commissioners D T Denny & J B Metcalf, recommend-
ing that the second installment of $75. be paid to the
Contrctor N E Ryther received , read and adopted and the Clerk
directed to issue a warrant on the cemetary fund, to said Ryther in accordance
Report of the Committee of Fire Delegates recommending the
purchase of a 1000 pound, No 1 bell metal fire alarm bell for Engine No 2
and accompanyied by the following bids to wit:
W A Bowers of the Gutta Percha & Rubber Manufacturing Co
agreeing to furnish such bell delivered on the wharf in
Seattle for 33 cents pr pound.
A F Anderson of San Franciso agreeing to furnish such bell
for the sum of 34 cents per pound delivered on the wharf at
J Schram & Co of Seattle agreeing to deliver suchbell on
the wharf at Seattle with the necessary fixtures for hanging
the same for the sum of $300.00
Orderd that the bid of J Schram & Co be accepted
The final report of G A Weed retiring health officer for
the past two months rec'd approved and ordered filed.

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