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Aug 23 1885
Report of Health Officer J S M Smart making certain
recommendation received, referred to Committee in Sewers
& Drainage and to City Surveyor
Report and Inventory of Chief of the Fire Department rec'd
and read. Referred to Committee on Fire & Water.
Com Reports received
Street Committee recommending that the petition of
S J Hoskinson for the privilege of constructing in Fourth St
at its intersection with Pontius St a tank at such a
depth under ground that it will not interfere with the
grade of said Fourth Street and also of laying water pipe
in said Fourth Street from said tank to his premises in
Block 21 be granted. Adopted.
From Street Comtee recommending that thepetitionof A S Miller fro the construction of a crossing at the Corner
of 3rd & Madison Sts
be granted. adopted
From Street Comtee recommending the opening of Olive
from 10th to the Alley between 11th & 12th Sts as asked
for by P W Clymer et al, Report adopted.
Form Committee on Fire & Water recommending that the petition
of P E Smith for compensation for care of Hook & Ladder
truck be granted to the amount of $30.00 report adopted
Ordered that the Clerk draw a warrant on the Fire Fund in
favor of said P E Smith for the sum of $30.00
From Committee on Fire & Water recommending that a fire
alarm bell and two ladders be purchased for Engine Co No 3
Lake Union, Report adopted
Ordered that the purchasing agent be and he is hereby in-
structed to purchase six cots for Engine Co No 2
From Judiciary committee granting the petition of P J
Report adopted and petition referred to City Attorney
The Committee on Sewers & Drainage make a
verbal report on the petition of James Pollock for
a sewer on Jackson St.
Petition re-referred to the Committee with in-
struction to make a written report.

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