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Aug 21 1885
The city attorney now submits an ordinance entitled
"an Ordinance Authorizing the Mayor & Clerk to execute
a contact for the purchases of a Fire Alarm Bell"
which after being duly considered is adopted by the
following vote viz: In favor of such ordinance
R H Calligan, J Furth, W A Harrington, Geo W Hall, John Keenen
Chas McDonald, T W Lake & G W Young against none.
An ordinance is submitted entitled "A
Special Ordinance appropriating money to pay Audited Bills"
which is adopted by the following vote: In favor of said ordinanceCalligan, Furth, Harrington, Hall, Keenen, Lake, McDonald & Young against none.
A plat is presented to the Council entitled "The
Public Benefit supplemental Plat" by Eshilman & Llewyellen
City Surveyor.
Attest:W R Forrest clerk
H L Yesler mayor
Sep 4 1885
Be it remembered that on this the 4th day of Sept
A D, 1885 the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets
in its Council Chamber pursuant to law:
The following officers are present, to wit: His Honor the Mayor
Henry L Yeslerand councilmen R Calligan, J Furth, G W Hall,
John Keenen, T W Lake, Chas McDonald & C W Young
Whereupon the following proceedings were had to wit:
Petition of D C Townsend et al{The petition of D C Townsend et al praying for
the opening of a Natural Water Course through
Blocks 42 & 43 Heirs of D A Bell 2nd Addition read
and referred to Street Committee
Petition of James F Jones et al {petition of James F Jones et al for a crossing
corner at Pine and Second Sts read and referred to
Street Com. and returned recommending that

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