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Sep 18 1885
Ordered that the Committee on Sewers and Drainage be
and they are hereby directed to obtain plans and
specification for a Sewer on Union Street and
report to the council
Ordered that the Committee on Pubic Grounds and
buildings be instructed to examine and report in the
condition of the stable where the City horses are kept
On motion of Councilman Hall ordered that the
matter of the extension of Rollin Street be made the
special order for the next regular meeting of the Council
An Ordinance is submitted entitles "A special
ordinance appropriating money to pay audited
bills" which after being duly considered by the
Council is approved by the following vote viz:
In favor of said ordinance R H Calligan, J
, G W Hall, W A Harrington, Jno Keenen, T W Lake,
Chas McDonald and G W Young. against none
Ordered that the council do now adjourn
Attest W R Forrest clerk H L Yesler mayor
Oct 2 185
Be it remembered that on this the 2nd day of October 1885
the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its
Council Chamber pursuant to law: the following officers are
present to wit: His Honor the mayor Henry L Yesler and
councilmen R H Calligan, J Furth, Geo W Hall, W A Harrington,
John Keenen, T W Lake, Chas McDonald and G W Young.
The following proceedings were had, to wit:
Petition and Communications
Petitionf of [Sarah J Plummer]] et al for a crossing on Washing-
ton Street
North line of South 2nd St. Referred to Steet Com

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