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Oct 2 1885
The application of Pat Flynn for a license is referred back
to applicant for correction
Bills Allowed
The following claims having been audited by the council
are ordered paid by warrants on the funds as follows, viz:
Name Fund No Amt Service
W R Forrest City 1277 125.00 Clerks Salary
WH Hughes City 1278 100.00 Assessors Salary
C H Hanford City 1279 100.00 City Attys Salary
Jas Bogart City 1280 60.00 Jailors Salary
Wm Murphy City 1281 65.00 Police Salary
Wm Pinckney City 1282 65.00 Police Salary
Wm Jones City 1283 65.00 Police Salary
A Chilberg City 1284 125.00 Treasurers Salary
N S Snyder City 1285 32.50 Quit Claim Deed
James Welch City 1286 65.00 Police
Nicholas Brown City 1287 7.00 Removing Carrion
J H Woolery City 1288 100.00 Salary Chief Police
L Cummings City 1289 91.00 Salary St Comnr
Seattle Chronicle City 1290 1.50 Publishing Notices
F Anthony City 1291 15.00 Leger
F S Chadbourne & Co City 1292 27.00 Furniture Clerks Ofs
D Moore 58.50 Labor on Streets
Thos Rock City 1088 58.50 Labor on Streets
Michael Murphy City 1089 12.95 Labor on Streets
Luther Albee City 1090 4.50 Labor on Streets
Patrick Delany City 1091 4.50 Labor on Streets
Jus Christopher City 1092 24.75 Labor on Streets
Phillip Corchran City 1093 58.50 Labor on Streets
Jno Keenen City 1095 22.50 Labor on Streets
Stephen Berry City 1096 58.50 Labor on Streets
R S Woolery City 1094 57.37 Labor on Streets
Jas Campbell City 1097 58.50 Labor on Streets
[total] 419.07
Jas Bogart City 1098 58.50 Board of Prisoners

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