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Oct 18 1885
Recommend the suggestion of striking off the books
sundry balances as they are of no value to the City
and ought not to have been on the ledger. We would
also recommend that payment our of the City Fund the
Following Warrants:
No 11 Comm'l Street Grade Fund Ordinance #167 $376.64
No 404 Cherry Street Grade Fund Ordinance #395 67.50
No 690 Columbia Street Improvement Ordinance #476 25.38
No 419 Spring Street Improvement Ordinance #440 14.75
No 689 Spring Street Improvement Ordinance #440 7.25
No 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 18, 56, 59 & 61 Front Street Grade 310.29
Our reasons for making this recommendation are that these
are balances due from the City which bear interest at the
rate of 10% per annum and the City has idle funds
in the Treasury. By calling these warrants in the City
will save paying interest. Some of the warrants are
outstanding since 1876, and seem to be balances incurred over
and above taxes is collected although there are no delinquent
taxes on these funds. We would also ask until next
regular meeting to complete the report on funds on hand
in the Treasury". Report adopted and the Clerk author-
ized to draw warrants on the City fund in favor of the above
named funds and in the amounts specified to balance and
close said funds.
From Committee on Streets reporting progress and cost of
work already done in Planking Main, Washington, & Jackson
s. Report adopted and ordered filed.
From Same Committee recommending that the petition of W J
for permission to occupy Spring Street between the alley
and railroad for the purpose of handling coal be granted at
a monthly rental of $5.00 Report adopted.
From Same Com. reporting that the petitionof Sarah J Plummer
et al for a Street Crossing had been complied with, Report adopted.

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